Sunday School


Newborn – 2 Years
Coordinator: Toni Johnson
A kind and loving nursery staff takes care of all of our children 2 years of age and younger. There are Bible story books to look at and many toys to explore.

Nursery Services are also provided during morning and evening worship services.


3 – 5 Years
Teacher: Micah Black

Children learn about basic bible stories that are age appropriate, and there is also an activity and play time with projects that relate back to the story presented.


Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
Teacher: Maudie Morrow

Emphasis is placed on Christian values and making right choices. Each lesson contains colorful pages including a short exposition of the bible story. Fun projects and activities every week help learners develop thinking skills and enhance understanding of biblical principles.


3rd and 4th Grades
Teacher: Debbie Walls

Emphasis is placed on Bible truths and scripture-related exercises encourage deeper thinking about God’s Word. Students are taught the meaning of Bible stories and how the morals of the stories can be applied to life. All the projects in the classroom directly relate to the bible story and life application.


5th and 6th Grades
Teacher: Joyce Victory

Students are taught to understand Christian values and learn how to make right choices in life. Each lesson features a bible lesson and includes in-class activities relating to the story to reinforce the life principles from the lesson.

Jr. High

7th and 8th Grades
Teacher: Roger McDaniel

The Jr. High Class deals with practical issues which teens face from day to day, helping them to apply biblical teaching in their lives and make wise choices. Each week students examine a subject, the scriptures relating to that particular subject, and how to apply the lessons to their personal lives.

High School

9th through 12th Grades
Teacher: Michael Meek

Each week students study the Bible to help them understand the scriptures and relate bible teachings to their daily lives. There is opportunity for conversation with other students and the teacher to help with understanding of more complex concepts. Students are encouraged to get to know each other and communicate outside of church, as well as attend Wednesday Night Teen Bible Study.

College & Career

Ages 18+
Teacher: Matthew Johnson

This adult class is primarily focused on helping the college student or young person just out of high-school better understand the changes and challenges facing them in adulthood. Through a bible-based discipleship curriculum, students will grow deeper in their faith as they interact with others in a caring small group setting. This class is designed to equip young adults with biblical understanding that will result in a solid and mature faith. Students are encouraged to spend time together socially outside of the church setting, including MBSF meetings.

Adult I

Ages 18+
Teacher: Shelby Prince

This adult class focuses on life application and biblical principles for all ages, with an emphasis in the life of the older adult. A blend of humor and discussion makes for a very enjoyable bible study experience where students are encouraged to ask questions and discover new meaning to seemingly old concepts.

Adult II

Ages 18+
Teacher: R.L. Clark

This class gives adults the opportunity to ask in-depth doctrinal and spiritual questions to help them spiritually grow in their daily lives. The primary focus of this adult class is spiritual growth and maturity through adulthood.